Piano Service Rates & Description

Piano Tuning  $140

Piano tuned to concert pitch of 440hz. Minor regulation, voicing, and key adjustment (fixing of sticking keys) included provided nothing is broken.

Piano Tuning Description

The pitch of each note on a piano has a frequency of vibrations. The frequency is determined by the piano strings tension, length, and mass. To tune the piano we adjust the tension of each string by turning the tuning pins to a desired temperament. Today pianos are tuned to 440hz, meaning the A above middle C is to vibrate 440 cycles per second. From there all other notes are meticulously disposed to that A. While the act of tuning can mostly be categorized as a mathematical endeavor, by assigning a frequency to each string, the tuner uses musical acumen and intuition to achieve Equal Temperament:  An agreed upon system of tuning that allows for an equal scale  and pleasing sound no matter what the key. Piano tuning is the most frequent  job done by piano technicians.

Please note: If your piano has not been tuned in several years (10+ years, depending on brand) a pitch raise may be needed to bring the piano up to concert pitch. Cost of a combined pitch raise and tuning is $175.


Appointments typically last 1.5 to 2 hours

Full Service Prep $300

A full service prep is a complete  maintenance  of performance instruments such as Steinway, Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Bechstein, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, and more. A concert tuning, followed by performance regulation, voicing, and cleaning is done to keep the piano at its potential. Estimated time - 3hours+. 

Voicing $120

Voicing a piano is modifying the tone and clarity of the sound. While tuning refers to the pitch, voicing refers to the description of sound that is heard when the hammer strikes the string. For instance, some pianos may exhibit a crisp or clear sound, while others may be dark or deep. The piano can be individualized to a player’s particular taste, however, each piano should maintain a consistent voice across the instrument. Voicing is done by manipulating the hammers consistency and shape; sometimes softening the felt, sometimes hardening it. A good voicing should last for several years.   




Action Regulation $120

Over time, the functions of a piano action, from the key to the hammer, may need adjusting due to the aging of wood and the compression of felt. Regulation is the correcting of the action to ensure a consistent touch across the keyboard. Simple modifications range from turning a small screw to sanding down a wood surface and may drastically improve touch. This will lead to a better tone by allowing for a wide range of dynamics. Your piano may need regulation if you notice changes in touch from one key to the next, or you notice a key does not return properly. A regulation should last for several years.

Piano Cleaning $80 

Special tools are used to provide dusting and vacuuming of the soundboard (under strings), plate, bridges, and tuning pins. Removal of keyboard and action are required to dust and vacuum under keys and inside cavity.

Spinet Elbow Replacement $150  

Full Replacement of spinet elbows. Spinets became popular in the post World War 2 era. Early plastics were often used. These plastic elbows become brittle over time and easily crumble. After replacement is done an regulation is performed to ensure proper key depth and hammer strike distance.

Piano Key Replacement $400 ($300 White)


Full replacement of chipped white and ebony key tops. The keys will be taken back to shop and completed with in 7-10 days. If only the white keys are done cost is $300. Please note that pre-embargo ivory is illegal for replacement and plastic key tops will be used. 

Piano Appraisal $80

Whether for insurance purposes, looking to purchase a used piano on Craigslist, or a detailed assessment on a family heirloom, we offer piano appraisals in person, and done in writing.

Action Fabrication and Repair 

Replacement of parts to full action fabrication. Call for details

Piano Repair & Refurbish

Piano repair is unique to each instrument. There are over 12,000 parts on any given piano. Being that the piano is mostly wood there are issues that arrive from time to time. We offer our expertise to assess any issue and chart a practical course for remedy.       


Cost is established on an individual basis. Call for details



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